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 New features include improved overall system performance, new CLI commands (see the User Guide), and event details under Configuration > Notification > Event Actions > By Event.


- Access to the SNMPv3 interface through different Access Control profiles configured to use the same SNMPv3 User Profile is no longer dependent on the first configured profile in the list.

- Browser cookies have been updated to improve session security.

- Improved the Web UI, including format and behavior consistency between pages.

- Sensor pods no longer log “Beacon Connected”/ Beacon Disconnected” events during a firmware upgrade.

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  1. So where is the firmware upgrade file?

    1. Dear Bruce Phillips,

      I answered your question in the right place, that is on page QUESTIONS.

      With respect.


    2. Hi Bruce Phillips

      You can find the update files for the NetBotz 250 in the Resources > Downloads option here: NetBotz Rack Monitor 250