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  • 48-bit CORP1000 cards are now supported.
  • Alert action delays can now be configured in seconds. In versions of Advanced View earlier than 4.6.2, delays under one minute are configurable, but will be shown as zero minutes in the Advanced View interface.
  • Advanced View on is now supported on Microsoft Windows Server 2016.


  • Temperature measurements are no longer capped at 113°F. To apply this change, reset the configuration to default values. (See FAQ article FA158175: go to, select SupportResources and Tools > FAQs, and type the article number into the Search bar.) If you restore the configuration with a pre-4.6.2 backup file, the previous measurement cap will also be restored.
  • Spot leak sensors can be connected to a total of six Universal Sensor ports on a NetBotz Rack monitor 450, 550, or 570 and any attached Sensor Pod 150 units.
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  1. Hello Team!

    Is the NetBotz v4.6.2 available for download as yet?

    If yes please assist by providing the link.


    Thanks in advance!



    1. Dear Thabo Maepa,

      You can do this on page Downloads and documentation.

      With respect.