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 If you are upgrading to 4.6.1 from 4.6.0 and need assistance, contact technical support for the upgrade procedure. You can upgrade directly to 4.6.1 from BotzWare version 4.5.4 or older without issue.


  • Pascals are now an available measurement. Pascals are treated as International System (SI) units, and are displayed as lbs/in2 if the language is set to US English. Select any other language to show Pascals and other SI units.
  • Additional security measures have been taken to prevent cross-site scripting.


  • Send PCNS Shutdown, Send rPDU shutdown (SNMPv1), and Send rPDU shutdown (SNMPv3) alert actions are no longer sent in "return to normal" conditions. When “return to normal” is triggered, these alert actions now only log a message.
  • Graphs now show SI units when languages other than US English are selected in the OS system settings.
  • You can now attach 47 wireless temperature sensors without causing the wireless network to restart.
  • Camera views now work when Advanced View is run on Linux.

See the release notes for more information.

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