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You can now connect your Data Center Expert server to the StruxureOn Digital Service.

StruxureOn protects your critical equipment with smart alarming, remote troubleshooting and data-driven insights delivered by experts monitoring your connected data center assets 24/7. Live data is delivered directly to your smartphone.

Register for StruxureOn Digital Service in the Data Center Expert StruxureOn > Registration and Settings option.

StruxureOn is available to Data Center Expert customers in the United States and Canada.

See for more information.

Also in this release:

Prompt to change the default username and password

You are now prompted to change the default username and password when you first log in to the client. You can change the default credentials at that time, at a later time, or opt to keep the default credentials.

Security updates

The Data Center Expert v7.4.0 release patches the latest OpenSSL vulnerabilities to improve security and updates to Java 8 version 102.


For more information, see the v7.4.0 release notes.

Note: You can update Data Center Expert v7.3.1 to Data Center Expert v7.4.0. You must contact support and verify you have a valid software support contract to receive the StruxureWare Data Center Expert v7.4.0 update.

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  1. Hi where can I download DCE V7.4.0 ?