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  • Self signed certificates generated by the NetBotz appliance now use SHA-256 rather than SHA-1. After you update a previous NetBotz release to v4.5.1, do one of the following to replace the SHA-1 certificate with a new SHA-256 certificate:
  1. Log in from the console, or enable telnet. From the command line, run: 
    (cd /opt/netbotz/bin; source ssl-cert-functions; update_nbSelfSignedCert;)
  2. In the Network Interfaces task of the Advanced View, change the hostname of the appliance, and change it back if necessary.
  • The following are enhancements to the Wireless Sensor Setup:

-When Auto Join is running, the wireless device list is now disabled. Once Auto Join ends, the device list reloads including any device that was added. The Wireless Sensor Setup dialog no longer needs to be closed to repopulate the wireless device list.
-Auto Join status is now displayed in the Wireless Sensor Setup dialog.
-When there is a wireless device firmware update available, the progress of the file transfer from the appliance to the wireless devices is now displayed in the Wireless Sensor Setup dialog.
-Additional fields in the Wireless Sensor setup dialog clarify whether devices require a firmware update.

  • Random incorrect values are no longer displayed for numeric sensors.

  • The firmware update utility TFTPD32.EXE was removed from the NetBotz v4.5.1 release because some antivirus programs report it as a vulnerability. This file itself is not a virus. You can use any tftp server, or to go to site to download this utility.

  • The Register Now button points to the correct web site,

  • Activity from the APC Rack Access Pod no longer causes the NetBotz appliance to reboot.

  • The Advanced View help content is now displayed in Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, Firefox, and Safari. Context sensitive help is no longer available. You can search the help content installed with the application for a specific topic, or go to

  • The End User License Agreement (EULA) was updated.


See the release notes for more information about the v4.5.1 release.

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