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Our engineers are constantly working to convert your requests into extending support for more devices that can be modeled and monitored in DCO.

You do not need to wait for a new release or patch of DCO to get the latest Genome Library updates. In fact, if you are a customer with a valid software support contract, they are available to you right here! All you need to do is associate your DCO product with your EcoStruxure IT Help Center account to gain access to the download. 

Applying the update is as simple as downloading the update file, launching your DCO desktop client, and following a wizard to select all or just the updates you need.



Download the latest Genome Library update here and follow the instructions on the page to apply the update in your DCO desktop client.

Don't have access to the download? Here's how to get access.

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  1. I could not able to download Genome Library . What can be the reason for that.

    1. Hi seref ertekin, before you can download the Genome Library you need to associate a product with your DCIM Support account. See how to here Associating your software with your EcoStruxure IT Help Center account.



  2. need genomes added to livrary

    1. Dear Bob Panella,

      If you have a device, that is not in the latest Genome Library, then on the Device Support page, first, you need to check its absence. And if DCO support for your device is really missing, then by clicking on the REQUEST button, you will be asked to fill out the special form as I have on the screenshots .

      With respect.

      P.S.: Dear Stine Hansen, recently for unknown reasons, it became impossible to perform "Insert files and images" in the comments to the articles on EcoStruxure IT. I.e., in the dialog "Insert files and images" simply there is no "Upload..." button. For example, I could not attach any picture to this comment.

      What can be the problem and when will it be fixed?

      Thanks for support.

      1. Hi spezialist, thanks for making me aware. I'll look into this.

        Can you tell me what browser you are using?



        1. I tried to use three browsers under MS Windows 10 1709 x64:

          • Opera 51.0.2830.26
          • MS Edge 41.16299.15.0
          • MS IE 11.192.16299.0

          And in all cases the above mentioned problem was observed.

          With respect.