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You must contact support and verify you have a valid software support contract to receive the StruxureWare Data Center Expert server updates.

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  1. Where can I find .OVA for evaluation download?


      1. ...Or simple on the DCIM Support page DCE Virtual Machine.

        With best regards.

  2. need a copy of the DDF for the Schneider Uniflair LE


    1. +1

      I need DFF for  IDAV0611A (PLC Carel - pCOWeb) precision cooler. Tks

  3. Hello I need a DCE intallers version 7.2.2 for a Physical Server, all installers i have is for a virtual machine.


    1. Hi Omar,

      Please contact your local support for assistance. 

      Best regards,


  4. Unknown User (

    Can anyone tell me where to download the DCE Client from? 

    1. Hi there,

      You can log in to the DCE web client and click the link to download the client that matches the version on the server.

      1. Unknown User (

        I installed the 7.4.3 ova this morning. I followed video instructions to get the networking setup on it and it's live. When I put the URL in my browser to get to it, I get prompted for a username and password. I did change the apcsetup password on the VM console but that same username and password are not working on the browser. Am I missing something? I verified my username and password again in the console to ensure I fat fingered it so I know what I used is valid. 

        1. Hello,

          Just for future reference, you may want to create a post for these sort of issues over here:

          The default credentials for the web interface and for the client are apc/apc.  You can change them once you have downloaded and installed the client from the web interface of Data Center Expert.



  5. Hola,


    Necesito enviar unos archivos walk con las MIb's de un equipo grupo electrogeno para que me envien los archivos DDF para el StruxureWare Data Center expert, dónde tengo que hacer esta tramitación?



  6. Where can I get Scanner (DDF) Device definition file  (APC smartUPS ) version 94 ? Current version with SWDCE 7.6 release is 96/97.

    Is there any data base/tool available to get all versions of DDF ?  

    1. Dear Amit Bhaskarwar,

      I don’t quite know why you need an outdated version of the DDF-file apcsmartups.xls, since only the latest version v.98 (or perhaps already v.99) can be downloaded from the Device Support resource. If you explain why you need an outdated DDF-file, maybe I can help you.

      By the way, if you really need help, ask your questions in a special section QUESTIONS.

      With respect.