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New Features in 7.5


  Network Enhancements
New cable genomes, port types, and Network Cable Browser

Network cables are now available as genomes, and you can set properties on them.

New network port types are available: COAX, TERA, GG45 and ARJ45.

New support for Internal patching.

A new Network Cable Browser, similar to the Equipment Browser, has been introduced to enable browsing network cables for the loaded rooms.


  Power Enhancements
New Power Path Layout
  • A new Power Path Layout has been introduced, showing a graphical overview of the power connections from UPS units to racks.
  • The Equipment Browser can be linked to groups of equipment in the Power Path Layout.





Support for Scott Transformed Voltages

To support certain solutions in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, USA, etc., the output voltage of a PDU can now be Scott transformed (e.g. 200 volt 3-phase).

This also affects the power connections further down the power path to rack PDUs and servers (e.g. 100 volt single phase or 200 volt phase to phase).

Supported volts: 200/100, 210/105, 220/110, 208/104, 230/115.

There are currently no preconfigured PDUs with these voltages in the Genome Library. You can use a generic PDU as template and add the Scott transformed voltages.




Support for Multiple Power Connections
  • Multiple power connections are now supported to a single rack PDU.
  • As many power connections can be added as there are available power inlets.




Support for Import and Manual Entering of Power Values in Amps

Import of power values in Amps is now supported through ETL integration and it is possible to manually enter measurements in Amps on breaker level from an external system.

New fields introduced for Amps: Sensor type drop-down in the Sensor Mapping dialog box,  Input measurements in amps check box and Peak/A column in breaker configuration (illustration), Measured power per phase value displayed in rack PDU tool tip.

  Support for New Door and Wall Types and Shelf in Rack

New door and wall types have been introduced for configuration of a more accurate floor design.



New Inner Wall Types

New inner wall types are now available in the Genome Library (Room Fixture): Mesh, glass, solid.

  • Editable wall attributes, including copy of property values from another wall type in your custom genomes
  • Walls appear in 3D view, full size and revealing material
  • Walls are included in the temperature map calculations
  • Default type setting for creating new walls, defined per user



New Door Types

Doors are now available in the Genomes (Room Fixtures): Swing, slide, double.

  • Doors can be added to walls, inner walls, and cage walls.
  • Swing doors are color-coded in the layout based on security type (no lock: gray, biometric: purple, card: blue, key: orange).
  • If you move a wall with a door, the door will not move along with the wall.



New Shelf in Rack

Shelves are now available in the Genomes (Other Rack Equipment). More...

  Change: Work Order Improvements
New Work Order Lock

For organisations having strict policies around their work order process, a new lock functionality has been added to work orders and work order templates.

When a work order has been locked and saved, a lock icon will display in the work order heading.

Locked work orders cannot be unlocked. More...



New Task Completion Date

A task completion date has been added to work order and task views.


  New Predefined Table Configurations, e.g. in the Equipment Browser
  • New predefined table configurations are available as well as the option to create your own predefined configurations. This enables you to create and toggle between multiple configurations suited for different purposes.
  • The table configurations are available for the table layouts in: Discovered Devices, List View, Network Browser, and Equipment Browser.
  • Built-in configurations: Default, Power, Colo.
  • Configurations are saved per DCO client.





  New Confirm Deletion Option

If enabled, a new confirmation message appears when deleting equipment. It does not display as default but must be enabled in the system preferences for either floor-mounted or all equipment.

  Improved Equipment Placement and Editing Experience
Support for Arrow Keys and Other Placement Improvements

You can now:

  • Move floor-mount equipment with the arrow keys
  • Paste at cursor position rather than in upper left corner
  • Better snap equipment of non-standard size

Additional shortcut keys have been added to improve the editing experience. More...




Drag and Drop Rack PDUs
  • Position rack PDUs in the rack using drag and drop. More...

  Filter Option Introduced in User Rights and Authentication

A filter option has been introduced in User Rights and Authentication to allow for narrowing down the amount of users and locations shown in the list of users.

  Report Improvements
Improved Panel Schedule Reports 

The Panel Schedule and Panel Schedule Customer reports have been improved.


Improved Power Capacity report 

An update of the Power Capacity report is in progress. Contact us if you have input to the new report based on your experience with the previous report.



General Updates


  Performance and Troubleshooting Improvements

The Webmin server management module has been updated to include improved server performance information.

The Debug page has a new Performance section. Click Show to generate memory graphs that can be used when troubleshooting together with our support team. More...



Audit log additions: More data has been added to the audit log for improved troubleshooting.



Various fixes have been implemented to improve security.


Fixed Issues in 7.5

200+ issues fixed including:

  • StruxureWare Data Center Operation: Lab: It would fail after upgrading to 7.4.5.
  • Disaster Recovery: A Disaster recovery node could appear offline because of network issues. An option to increase the timeout (default 3 secs) on specific nodes has been introduced. 
  • 3D: Deselecting Show walls and equipment options did not hide walls and equipment.
  • Floor layout:
    • It was not possible to position items without small gaps between them.
    • Loaded rooms would not be loaded after re-login.
    • If a rack was rotated -180 degrees, the rack name, graphics, and icons would show upside down.
    • Tool tips on some associated devices would show the name of the device twice.
  • Switching from Floor layout to 3D view and back would change the zoom level.
  • Server management: After upgrading, the Webmin server management module would not launch in the latest versions of Firefox or Chrome.
  • Network:

    • It was not possible to patch network equipment to itself. See new features.

    • Modifying a network connection would cause an exception.
    • If the cable type description was very long in the Network Connection dialog box, the box would be distorted.
  • Export dialog box: Clicking Browse in the Export dialog box twice would result in the Browse dialog box not opening. This was an issue only when running the client on Mac.
  • Client logging: The system was writing to the .isxo/X/.metadata/.log file. Going forward, only the built-in download log file option should be used.
  • Equipment browser:
    • Background search text was improved and localized.
    • Search in the Equipment browser did not return results for unloaded rooms.
  • User management: Logging in as a user with a period in the user name would cause the client to crash.
  • Work order:
    • When applying a Work Order Template to an asset, there was a space missing in the Task header between the Task Name and the Asset Name.
    • If a work order template was assigned to a user who was then deleted, editing the work order template would cause an error in the client log.
  • Insight: Existing reports would not be sorted in the Publish Report dialog box. They are now alphabetically sorted making it easier to find the correct report to overwrite.
  • Properties:
    • Estimated load label was changed to Adjusted nameplate.
    • Power draw value was missing from the External Systems properties of Cooling unit.
    • External Systems properties page was missing Device sub page.
  • Genome Library: It was not possible to edit input voltages for generic floor equipment.
  • Power:
    • If you had a breaker module connected to 3 different rack PDUs, peak measurements would appear wrong in the first 24 hours after you deleted a server in one rack. 
    • On a PDU, changing the breaker value for a secondary ATS connection would create two primary connections.

  • Co-lo: Deleting an orphaned wall would result in an error.
  • Reports: Multiple rooms with the same name would make it difficult for some report filters to identify them and they are now shown with full location name path. 
    • In the Panel Schedule report, if a PDU was positioned inside a cage, the name would be repeated in the selection filter (cage and room).
    • In the Temperature Compliance report, the decimal separator was a dot instead of a comma.
    • In the Underutilized Servers report, some server values would not appear in the graphics and some text was missing.
    • Some cell text would appear in column name fields in CSV export of Inventory and Rack U-Space reports.
  • Lab: The prompt for saving or cancelling changes before exiting the application was missing and changes were always saved.
  • Recommendations: Filtering the recommendations table to only include messages linked to a selected row would cause the application to crash after closing and reopening the room. 
  • External Systems configuration:
    • There was an error with the server authentication when configuring encrypted connection to DCE 7.2.6. 
    • The text was changed in the External Systems configuration dialog box from Use SSL to Use Encryption to cover various protocols used.
  • Localization: Row name would not show correctly in double-byte languages.

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