Upgrading to StruxureWare Data Center Operation version 7.5 from version 7.3.x or 7.4.x takes at least 10 minutes (however depending on size of your solution). An upgrade of the Webmin module is needed when upgrading. You must have a valid service contract to be able to download this version from the server download page. It is recommended that you perform a backup of the data on the Data Center Operation server before initializing the upgrade.


If you have modular PDUs in your setup and run a version prior to v7.4, download and use the Webmin plugin described here before you upgrade.


If you run an External system integration through ETL, see ETL - Extract Transform Load before you upgrade.

From Version

Upgrade Path

7.4, 7.4.x, 7.3, 7.3.x

Upgrade to 7.5 following the guide on this page.

Prior to 7.3

Backup existing database > Install 7.5 > Restore database from previous version in 7.5. Get more info here.


Red Hat based DCO server

You cannot install the upgrade package. Instead take a backup of version 7.4.5 of the DCO server, do a clean installation of version 7.5, and restore the backup.

These instructions take you through the upgrade in a cluster environment. If you are upgrading a single StruxureWare Data Center Operation installation, simply ignore the instructions about additional nodes and follow the rest of the instructions.

If you are upgrading a cluster environment, the StruxureWare Data Center Operation upgrade only needs to be performed on one node. The upgrade scripts apply the upgrade to all the cluster nodes.

If you have a disaster recovery node, you will have to upgrade that after upgrading the cluster.
If you upgrade in a cluster environment, the upgrade takes up to about 20 minutes.

If you have a disaster recovery node running, upgrade the disaster recovery node like upgrading a stand-alone server (Steps 1+2 below).


  • Back up the data on the Data Center Operation server.

  • Uploading the upgrade file through Webmin requires a browser supporting file upload sizes over 2GB, such as:
    • Chrome, version 8 or higher (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)
    • Safari, version 5 or higher (Windows, Mac OS X)
    • Opera, version 11 or higher (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)
  • If you are upgrading a cluster environment, you must ensure all cluster nodes run and can access the upgrade file before beginning the upgrade.
  • If you are upgrading a cluster environment from version 7.3.0, run the sudoers upgrade file script before beginning the upgrade.
  1. Download the upgrade file and copy the MD5 key from a location provided by the support team.
    To locate the telephone number for the support you need, visit Contact Us.
    • StruxureWareDataCenterOperation-Upgrade-Webmin-Module-1.6.wbm.tgz: File to update Webmin with the new upgrade module

    • StruxureWareDataCenterOperation-Upgrade-7.5.tgz: File with the new version of the Data Center Operation server and scripts to upgrade StruxureWare Data Center Operation

  1. Upgrade the Webmin Module.


    On 7.3 and 7.4 this step should be repeated for each node in the cluster environment.

    1. Open the Webmin web interface by typing the address of your StruxureWare Data Center Operation server followed by :10000 in a Web browser, https://<yourservername>:10000/.

    2. Log on to Webmin using the user credentials created during the installation.
    3. In the left menu, select Webmin>Webmin Configuration.
    4. Select Webmin Modules.
    5. In the Install tab, select Install from uploaded file and browse to the location of the downloaded StruxureWareDataCenterOperation-Webmin-Module-1.6.wbm.tgz file.
    6. Click Install Module.
  2. Upgrade StruxureWare Data Center Operation.


    In a cluster environment this step is only required on the node where the upgrade is performed.

    1. In the Webmin left menu, select StruxureWare DC Operation>Upgrade.
    2. In Select upgrade file, browse to the location of the downloaded StruxureWareDataCenterOperation-Upgrade-7.5.tgz file.
    3. Copy the md5 key (available from the download page) and paste it into the MD5 key from the upgrade file field.
    4. Click Upgrade.
  3. When you have completed the upgrade, download the latest version of the StruxureWare Data Center Operation client.

    1. To open the Data Center Operation server's download page, type the address of your StruxureWare Data Center Operation server in a Web browser, https://<yourservername>.

    2. Click to download StruxureWare Data Center Operation and follow the instructions in the installation wizard.

    3. Click to download the add-on modules according to your licenses and follow the instructions in the installation wizard.



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