Menu bar

The menu bar provides different menu items depending on what part of the application is active. Some of the features available from the menu bar can also be accessed in additional ways, e.g. through right-click options in various parts of the application.

Application bar

The Application bar provides access to the main parts of the application. The number of options (icons) varies depending on how many add-on modules you have installed. For example, if you have StruxureWare Data Center Operation: Change installed, you can access Planning>Work Orders.

The main entry points into the application and add-on modules are:

  • Operations: For seeing an overview of the data center model and monitor alarms (read-only).
  • Planning: For configuration and planning of the data center model (editing is possible).
  • Analytics: For data analytics to help you determine if your data center is operating efficiently.


A perspective is a collection of panes and views in a window. The active perspective is indicated by the selected element in the application bar. Available perspectives are for example: Operations>Data Center, Planning>Data Center, Analytics>Reports and, depending on the installed add-on modules, possibly more, for example Analytics>Changes (StruxureWare Data Center Operation: Change feature).

Status bar

The status bar at the bottom provides information about the communication with the server.

  • Alarm icons with a pop-up notification to inform of active alarms on devices monitored by the StruxureWare Data Center Expert server or other external system server. Clicking the icon will open the Alarms pane with a list of the active alarms.
  • Discoveries icon to inform of active discoveries from one or more ITO servers. Clicking the icon will open the Server Discoveries view, with a list of the active discoveries.
  • The user name with which you are currently logged on to the system.
  • The IP address of the server to which you are connecting.
  • Status icon indicating the state of the server/client connection: red (network problems), green (normal network connection).


Different screen parts are referred to in this help as panes, for example Navigation, Genomes.

Several panes have a dynamic Search box. In the Search box, start typing some characters of the equipment you want to see. As you type, the pane shows all items that contain the typed characters. You can use Boolean operators AND, OR and NOT to further scope your search.

Right-clicking a pane's name tab allows you to change the size and location of any pane, and for a Layout pane, you can open a selected layout in multiple panes, or close that layout, or all layouts.

You can resize, minimize, and maximize the panes to fit your preferences. A pane can be detached to have it open in a separate window. The panes will be resized in the active perspective without affecting the appearance of those panes in any other perspective.


Select Window>Restore Default Screen Layout to restore any screen parts to their default locations.

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