StruxureWare Data Center: Server Access is an add-on module to StruxureWare Data Center Operation that provides a software KVM solution. It allows you to control servers from multiple vendors remotely from StruxureWare Data Center Operation, whether they are turned on or off, without the need for additional hardware or cabling. Both in-band (e.g. remote desktop or SSH) and out-of-band management (e.g. through a BMC) is supported.

This module is available from version 7.3.5 and requires a valid StruxureWare Data Center: Server Access license. If you exceed the license count, the server access functionality will be disabled altogether until your license covers all devices.
Contact your local sales representative or visit the Data Center Software website for information about purchasing additional licenses.

Follow the below instructions or watch this video tutorial to learn how to install and configure the server, discover devices in StruxureWare Data Center Operation, and access servers remotely, whether they are turned on or off.

  1. Installing the StruxureWare Data Center Server Access Server
  2. Configuring the Server Access Module
    1. Configuring the server connection
    2. Controlling user rights
  3. Using the Server Access Module
    1. Associating discovered devices
    2. Enabling server access and configuring properties
    3. Accessing servers and power cycling
    4. Toggling server access

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