The PRO-enabled management pack ensures Virtual Machine Manager is aware of critical physical infrastructure alarms and events and can execute corrective actions to move virtual machines to non-impacted areas within the data center.


StruxureWare Data Center Operation offers a consolidated view of the data center's physical infrastructure. It holds data about the physical location of the equipment in the data center as well as an advanced configuration of for example power path and alarm data. Combining the data about the modeled physical location from StruxureWare Data Center Operation with real-time device monitoring data from the StruxureWare Data Center Expert enables quick assessment of how an alarm on one piece of equipment may impact other equipment located in the data center.

Data is communicated from StruxureWare Data Center Operation to the System Center Operations Manager server. Based on this data, Microsoft Virtual Machine Manager is then able to move the relevant virtual machines to healthy hosts. See supported versions here.


For example:

  • Rack 3A is powered by UPS A
  • Rack 3B is powered by UPS B
  • An alarm is triggered on UPS A
  • Virtual Machine Manager migrates the virtual machines from hosts in Rack 3A to hosts in Rack 3B that is powered by UPS B

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to configure Microsoft System Center - Virtual Machine Manager.

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