Data Center Operation: Cooling Optimize continuously optimizes airflow in the data center facility, delivering improved reliability and availability.

Cooling Optimize is a closed-loop system that reacts to real-time data from the temperature sensors. Data is wirelessly transmitted to network gateways, aggregated, and sent to a purpose-built appliance where it is analyzed by control software. Control commands are then delivered to the cooling equipment. As IT load changes, the built-in machine learning automatically adjusts cooling output to match the dynamic data center environment.

You can use it to automatically identify and eliminate hot spots and to help diagnose potential facility risks. The system constantly adapts cooling through the use of its artificial intelligence engine.


 Watch this  video tutorial  to learn about overcooling and how to configure the Cooling Optimize integration.

Cooling Optimize Influence Map


Installing Data Center Operation: Cooling Optimize is part of a service deal. Please contact your local sales representative.



You can configure the Data Center Operation: Cooling Optimize Integration in System Setup>External System Configuration.


Associate discovered assets

You can associate a discovered asset with the temperature sensor or CRAC unit representing it in the data center layout by dragging it from the Unassociated Devices pane on top of the corresponding equipment in the rack layout. You can also associate multiple assets by using the multi-associate option.


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