Capacity management

When talking about data center capacity, we talk about power, space or cooling capacity.

You may experience one or more of these typical power, space or cooling capacity issues in your data center (see screenshot).

When you have modeled the data center in DCO, use the add-on capacity management module to simulate optimum capacity design to solve these issues.

Setting up a capacity plan

Use StruxureWare Data Center Operation: Capacity to set up a capacity plan in StruxureWare Data Center Operation and enable the system to make daily tasks significantly easier. The system can help you make decisions, such as where to add a new server, and advise you on the best location with the right amount of free space, cooling, power, and redundancy available.

Capacity plan example

We have added some basic equipment to the server room: a UPS, a connected PDU, and racks each with connected rack PDUs.

Click here for instructions on adding equipment, and here for instructions on connecting the equipment.

We have a plan to reserve the load of the UPS distributed as follows in the racks:

  • Network equipment - We plan to position network equipment in three of the racks. These racks will have low power requirements and we will group them together.
  • IT equipment - We plan to distribute the load evenly in the remaining racks for IT equipment and we will group them together.

When we subsequently start populating the racks with servers, the asset provisioning functionality will guide us to execute the capacity plan and obtain the optimum data center design.

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