If there is an issue with your power configuration, the system warns you by highlighting the problems in the tool tip.

In this example, there is an issue with the potential failover load. There might be a problem even if there seems to still be power available. Follow the below instructions to troubleshoot.

  1. To troubleshoot, enable the advanced power tool tip and see details about the phases and feeds.
    1. Select Tools>Preferences to access the Preferences dialog box.
    2. Select Advanced Power.
  2. Now, hover over the rack again and inspect the tool tip.

The tool tip reveals why the configuration does not provide enough power in case of a failover. This is a 3 phase configuration and phase L1 on the A-Feed UPS would be overloaded in case of a failover. This causes an issue regardless of the available power on the other phases.

If the estimated load would also be highlighted in red, there would be a similar issue with this value and the solution would be the same: to reconfigure the phase configuration.

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