You can configure and monitor server management settings in the Webmin server management interface.

Accessing Webmin

The server management interface, Webmin, provides a web-based interface for server configuration.

  1. Open the Webmin web interface by typing the address of your Data Center Operation server in a Web browser and clicking Server Configuration.
  2. Log on to Webmin using the user credentials created during the installation.
  3. Use the menu to the left to access server management features, such as
Browser related issues

If you are experiencing issues accessing Webmin, check the privacy and advanced settings of your browser. For example, in Internet Explorer 9:

  • Open Tools>Internet Options>Privacy and select to Accept All Cookies.
  • Open Tools>Internet Options>Advanced and make sure JavaScript is enabled.
  • If needed, contact your IT department for policies, etc. possibly preventing access.


There are known issues with Internet Explorer 9 and the ETL Integration Management page. If you experience issues creating staging databases, a possible workaround is to upgrade your browser.

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  1. I need your support on the below points raised by one of our customer for DCIM.


    1.    Integration with VMware.

    . manuals will required on how to configure this feature “detailed guidelines”.


    2.    Integration with MS SCOM.

    . manuals will required on how to configure this feature “detailed guidelines”.


    3.    Integration with Cisco UCS.

    . manuals will required on how to configure this feature “detailed guidelines”.

    4. Demo on space reservation. Is it possible to execute?


    Thank you for the answer.




    1. Hi Mohammad,

      All of our customer-facing manuals are available here on as well as expert discussions in the community. If you search on key words such as integration, VMware, MS SCOM, Cisco UCS, you should find what you are looking for. Below are links to a few relevant articles.

      As for point # 4, this may not be the best place for this type of question. You can find a guide for demoing our software in our internal demo space and use your regular information channels when it comes to demos.

      MS SCOM
      Integrating with Microsoft system Center - Virtual Machine Manager


      Cisco UCS