The graphical overview of network connections offers easy management and identification of your cables through naming and color-coding. Define color and usage for your cables in Configure Network Cable Types - see here.

The Network Management table lists the configured network connections and allows you to set up new network routes between the configured equipment.

The Rack Layout provides a graphical overview of the configured network connections and allows you to set up new network routes by clicking and dragging cables between equipment. 

The network routes will be visible when you click a piece of equipment in the rack layout. Hover over the cables to see the path of the connection or click the cable to see the route data in the table view. 

Every network management change is recorded in audit trail report.

The Network Cable Browser lists cables for the loaded rooms. Cables in rooms that have not been opened will not be included or displayed in gray.

You can multi-edit in this browser just as you can in the Equipment Browser, e.g. change cable type for all cables in a route by multi-selecting the rows in the browser, right-clicking and selecting Edit Multiple Items.

Graphical network overview in rack and Network Management

Network Cable Browser

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