Before you install StruxureWare Data Center Operation on a virtual machine, it is imperative that you check the configuration of the virtual machine:

  • Check the available disk space complies with the DCO system requirements (and RHEL system requirements if relevant to your installation).
    The same instructions and system requirements apply to the virtual environment as to a stand-alone server.
    For example, you may experience issues with the installation if you do not assign enough vRAM. The recommendation is 16 GB RAM (as for a stand-alone server).
  • Confirm with the administrator that the CPU and memory resources are dedicated to the VM and not shared by many VMs. This is especially important for larger deployments.

When installing StruxureWare Data Center Operation in a virtual environment, it is best to select Debian operating system (version 5 or 6, 64 bit) as the guest operating system. This will make the configuration of virtual hardware, especially drivers, easier as you can simply select the default options suggested by the system during configuration. These default options are based on knowledge about the driver installation on Debian 5 and 6, 64 bit.

If the Debian guest operating system type is not available in the virtual environment, configure the virtual hardware to be compatible with:

CPU architecture: 64 bit
SCSI Controller: LSI Logic Parallel
Network adaptor type: E1000

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