StruxureWare Data Center Operation creates a consolidated view of your data center's physical infrastructure. Display of real-time device monitoring data from external systems as well as advanced model design recommendations and placement advice all enable quick assessment and resolution of potential critical situations.

You can use the Application bar to navigate between the main parts of the application.

  • Operations for monitoring data center operations.
  • Planning for planning the data center design, including planning for changes to the rack layout.
  • Analytics for accessing analytics, such as status reports.

Before you can get started using the application, initial system setup is required, including user administration, license and server management. These options are available in the System Setup menu.

If you have administration rights, you will be prompted to set up user credentials for allowing server communication with external systems, and viewing device measurements and alarm data.

When the system setup is ready, you can start building the initial data center infrastructure and add to the inventory to create a model in the application that represents the real-world physical infrastructure.

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