Set up server communication preferences to allow the Data Center Operation server to communicate with the Remedy server and exchange ticket data.

When you have configured the integration, Remedy tickets will show in StruxureWare Data Center Operation and users can associate them to work orders. When the user completes work orders in Data Center Operation, this update is transferred back to Remedy. In this way, the configuration ensures an integrated process from new ticket in Remedy through work order tasks in Data Center Operation to completed ticket in Remedy.


In StruxureWare Data Center Operation version 7.5, integration to Remedy version 8.1 is supported.

Configuring the server communication and user credentials

  1. Select System Setup>External System Configuration.
  2. Select type: BMC Remedy.
  3. Type the logon information of the Remedy server to connect to:
    • Name
    • Host (IP address)
    • Remedy Server Name
    • Port
    • User credentials
  4. For a high-security logon session, select Use SSL and accept the certificate.
    Ask the Remedy Server administrator for details if you are unsure whether to use SSL.
  5. Set the interval between which the system is to check for updates (Default: 300 secs).

Configuring a filter defining which Remedy tickets to show in Data Center Operation

The Remedy Tickets pane will show the not completed Remedy tickets assigned to your user group (defined in the Remedy system). We will use Due date, Status, Priority, Summary and Assignee data from Remedy. All data is limited by the defined Remedy qualification filter.

Reuse a specific filter from Remedy:

  1. Copy the filter expression from the Remedy Advanced Qualification Builder
  2. In Available Filters, select User Defined Qualification Filter
  3. Paste the expression into Build Search Qualification.

Build a filter based on sample filters as template:
StruxureWare Data Center Operation provides sample filters you can use as a template to build your own user-defined filter.

  1. In Available Filters, select the sample filter that comes the closest to the filter definition you want to create.
  2. In Build Search Qualification, mark and copy the wanted filter expression.
  3. In Available Filters, select User Defined Qualification Filter and paste the expression into Build Search Qualification.
  4. Edit the expression as needed.
  5. If you are creating a combined complex filter, repeat the steps to copy another sample filter snippet and edit your combined custom filter.

Testing the server configuration.

  • Click Test to test the connection before closing the dialog box.

Remedy documentation

For further information about Remedy, see the documentation provided by BMC Software.


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