Configuring power paths is a prerequisite for enabling some of the more advanced features, such as Add to Best rack in Planning > Asset Provisioning.

Power dependencies can be configured on the device properties to identify the power connections, e.g. from UPS to PDU to rack PDU to server.

The Power Dependency pane lists the configured power dependencies between the equipment in the data center model. The Power overlay highlights the configured power connections in the layout.

You can enable/disable views in the floor and rack layouts by selecting Window > Show Overlays.

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to model distributed redundant UPS configurations.

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Setting up a power pathYou can set up the power connections between the equipment supplying and delivering power and the equipment requiring power.
Before configuring the power path, you must configure the data center layout and add equipment that will make up the power path to the floor and rack layout, all the way from UPS to rack PDUs and servers.

  1. In the Application bar, select Planning > Data Center.
  2. In a room's Floor Layout, right-click a PDU and select Properties or use the Power Dependency or Equipment Browser pane to access the power property pages for any piece of equipment by right-clicking it, and selecting Properties.
  3. In the Properties dialog box, go to Power > Power Dependency to select a power supply and enter connection details for the connection between the UPS and PDU.
  4. In Power > Breaker Panel, in the Power Consumer column select the rack PDU in the drop-down menu and select breaker from the Breaker column to specify the connection between the PDU and rack PDU.
  5. Select the Power Path tab at the bottom of the floor layout pane to highlight the configuration of power connections in the layout.
    The above describes a very basic setup. A power path can be more advanced and include more components such as RDP or Power Panel. For example, the UPS and a Power Panel can be placed in one room and be connected to a PDU or Power Panel in another room.

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  1. Using DCO v 8.2.7 still cannot assign power to 2nd ATS in same rack. Is there an available fix for this ?  Please advise...

    1. Dear BJ Muckian,

      Unfortunately, as follows from the answers to topics Modeling Rack Power Distribution using two circuits and More than one ATS in a rack is not allowed - this is not supported.

      To help you faster and better, ask your questions in a special section QUESTIONS.

      With respect.