Configure the server communication preferences between StruxureWare Data Center Operation and the Cisco UCS Manager.

  1. Configure data retrieval from Cisco UCS Manager to StruxureWare Data Center Operation.
    1. Type the logon information of the Cisco UCS Manager to connect to: host name / IP address, port number, and user credentials.
    2. For a high-security logon session, select Use SSL and accept the certificate.
      Ask the Cisco UCS Manager administrator for details if you are unsure whether to use SSL.
    3. Click Test to test the connection.
  2. Configure data exchange from StruxureWare Data Center Operation back to Cisco.
    • Select Use Automatic Power Management if you want to allow StruxureWare Data Center Operation to send back power data to Cisco, including information about capacity group configurations.
      This will overwrite any existing power groups on the Cisco UCS Manager.

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