When the initial system configuration is ready, you can start building the data center infrastructure and add to the inventory to create a model in the application that represents the real-world physical data center infrastructure.

Watch this video tutorial and see CAD Import Supported Entities to learn how to start modeling based on CAD drawings.

Importing data from Excel is also supported. Contact Schneider Electric for further information and making the feature available to you.

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Creating a representation of the locations and rooms
You can add locations and rooms of different types to the system to represent the actual physical enterprise infrastructure.

  1. Select Planning>Data Center in the Application bar.
  2. In Navigation, select the root location icon.
  3. Select File>New and one or more of the available elements:
    • Location (option to add container elements for geographical enterprise hierarchy)
      • EMEA
        • France
          • Paris
          • Grenoble
        • Denmark
          • Kolding
      • NAM
        • Server Room (option to add room elements for representing white space in the model)
        • Store Room (option to add space elements for representing store rooms in the model, for example for storing newly arrived servers not yet installed in a server room)
        • Electrical Room (option to add room elements for representing gray space in the model)
        • Supporting Infrastructure Space (option to add space elements for representing space outside the rooms in the model, for example for chillers on the roof)
  4. Follow the instructions in the wizard to select the shape that most closely resembles the actual shape of the room and to define any room properties. (Applicable for server rooms and electrical rooms.)
    The hierarchy has been built according to your configuration and you can continue with the configuration of the data center model, for example adjusting the room design or adding equipment to the rooms.
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