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Adding equipment to racks

Prerequisite: Select Planning>Data Center or Planning>Asset Provisioning in the Application bar and select to view a room in Rack Layout by toggling the Show/Hide Rack Layout icon and clicking a rack in the Floor Layout.

  1. Drag the component icon into the position in the rack layout that matches its position in the data center or use the asset provisioning functionality (in Planning>Asset Provisioning) to automatically add components in the rack layout according to the selections you make in the Installation Requirements pane (StruxureWare Data Center Operation: Capacity functionality):
    • To add new equipment, drag it from the Genomes pane.
    • To add existing equipment from another position in the data center infrastructure, drag it from the Navigation pane.
    • To add new equipment by using the asset provisioning functionality of the Installation Requirements pane in conjunction with the Provisioning Map layout overlay:
      1. Select the Provisioning Map overlay (tab at the bottom of the floor layout pane) to activate the color-coded view.
      2. Select the component in the Genomes pane.
      3. Review the Asset info section of the Installation Requirements pane, for example making sure that the Redundancy setting is correct.
      4. Add or review tags as required in Assign tags section of the Installation Requirements pane to categorize the equipment.
      5. In the Add Asset section of the Installation Requirements pane, type how many copies of the component to add and select where to add it: Selected racksEach rack in the server roomBest rack (StruxureWare Data Center Operation: Capacity functionality).
      6. Click Add.
        When you drag equipment into a selected rack, green highlights where it can be placed; red highlights where it cannot be placed.
  2. Repeat above steps to add all rack-mountable equipment to the rack layout.


    You can move or delete multiple items at the same time by using Ctrl-click or Shift-click.

  3. Right-click the component icon and select Properties, for example to define a custom name for it, or to use other menu options.

 Watch this video tutorial to learn the entire process of how to install new servers.

Adding equipment to shelves in racks

All rack-mountable equipment can be shelf-mounted (Sh). Some servers will have  Shelf  as default mounting position, otherwise select Properties>Mounting>Shelf  in the right-click menu of the equipment you want to place on the shelf. You can do this in the Genomes pane or in the rack layout.

Prerequisite: Find the shelf in Genome Library>Other Rack Equipment and add it to local genomes.

  1. Drag a shelf from the Genomes pane into the rack layout. The shelf will not occupy a U position.
  2. Add equipment to the shelf by dragging it from the Genomes pane or the Navigation pane to the rack layout.

    If there is no equipment on the shelf, place the equipment in the rack, right-click the equipment and and select Mounting> Shelf and the equipment will snap to the shelf. Once equipment is on the shelf, you can drag other equipment directly to the shelf.
Properties of the shelf

You can place equipment in the front and rear on the shelf. The depth of the shelf will determine how much equipment can be placed there.

In Properties>Physical you can configure weight and depth of the shelf. The weight of the shelf will be included in the total weight of the rack.




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