User Assistance for NetBotz Rack Monitor 250

NetBotz Rack Monitor 250 firmware version 6.8.0 has been released! New features include the following security improvements:

- The Super User must change his or her password on first use.
- User accounts other than the Super User are disabled by default. They cannot be enabled until passwords are provided for the accounts.
- A new account cannot be enabled until a password is provided for the account.
- Logon protocols other than SSH, HTTPS, and console (serial or USB) are disabled by default.
- Some communication protocols are disabled by default until the user changes their associated passwords, community names, or authentication/encryption phrases.
- SCP will not allow a file transfer until the initial Super User password is changed.
If you update the Rack Monitor 250 from an older firmware version, these features will not be enforced until you perform a reset to defaults.

- Remote Monitoring Service (RMS) has been removed.
- A Protocol Status Overview screen has been added.
- Stop bits on MODBUS display units are now configurable.

For more information, see the User Guide under Downloads and documentation, or the Release Notes under What's new.

Other Notes:
- Update the firmware on the NetBotz Rack Monitor 250 and the Wireless Temperature Sensor to the most recent version before using the product.
- IMPORTANT! The NetBotz Rack Monitor 250 is not a PoE compatible device. Do not connect a NetBotz Rack Monitor 250 to a PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch.

Downloads and documentation

Download the latest NetBotz Rack Monitor 250 firmware.
Download the most current NetBotz Rack Monitor 250 appliance and sensor documentation.


Security handbook for network enabled devices, AOS v4.6.x

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  1. "Do not connect a NetBotz Rack Monitor 250 to a PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch." - is it about Ethernet port or RJ45 sensor/aux ports? Thanks

    1. Dear Andrey Ivashov,

      Of course, this only applies to the ethernet network port.

      With respect.

      P.S.: It is highly recommended to ask questions on the special resource QUESTIONS. So you will be helped faster and better (smile).