You must update the firmware on the Rack Monitor 250 to the most recent version before first use.

Rack Monitor 250 update procedure

Download the latest firmware version here.

If you have a Windows computer, you can use the firmware executable to upgrade the firmware.
If you have any other type of computer, you must use FTP, SCP, or XMODEM to manually upload each firmware file to the Rack Monitor 250. You must upload the three update files one at a time in this order:

  1. Boot Monitor (bootmon), equivalent to the BIOS
  2. APC Operating System (AOS), the Rack Monitor 250 operating system
  3. Application Module, the NetBotz Rack Monitor 250 specific file

For more information about manually updating the Rack Monitor 250, see the User’s Guide.

Wireless sensor update procedure

You must update the firmware for the Wireless Temperature Sensor before first use.

  1. Download the NetBotz Wireless Firmware Update Utility here.
    Note: The Utility is available for Windows only.
  2. Install the Utility as an administrator.
  3. Remove the plastic cover over the Wireless port. Remove the Coordinator and connect it to a USB port on the computer where you installed the Utility.
  4. Record the MAC address of the Wireless Temperature Sensor that came with the Rack Monitor 250. Turn the Wireless Temperature Sensor on.
  5. In the Windows Start menu, type the following:
    NetBotz Wireless Update Utility
  6. Right-click the Utility, and select Run as Administrator.
    Note: The Utility may not operate correctly if you do not select Run as Administrator.
    Note: If you are unable to launch the utility, you may need to install a serial-to-USB virtual COM port driver on your computer. The required driver is available in the drivers folder of the Utility.
  7. Enter the MAC address of the Wireless Temperature Sensor in the commission list field. If you have more than one wireless sensor, make sure they are all turned on, and add their MAC addresses also.
  8. Click OK to start the utility.
  9. Browse to the wireless firmware .zip file installed with the utility.
  10. Press Apply to update the wireless sensor firmware.
  11. When the firmware update is complete, reconnect the Coordinator to the Rack Monitor 250 Wireless port and replace the plastic cover. DO NOT connect the Coordinator to any other USB port on the appliance.

For more information about updating the wireless sensor firmware, see the documentation included with the utility.




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