For complete information, see the NetBotz Installation and Quick Configuration manual.

Getting started

IMPORTANT! Update the firmware on the NetBotz Rack Monitor 250 and the Wireless Temperature Sensor to the most recent version before using the product.

You must configure the following TCP/IP settings before the NetBotz Rack Monitor 250 can operate on a network:

  • IP address of the NetBotz Rack Monitor 250
  • Subnet mask
  • IP address of the default gateway

If a default gateway is unavailable, use the IP address of a computer that is located on the same subnet as the NetBotz Rack Monitor 250 and that is usually running. The NetBotz Rack Monitor 250 uses the default gateway to test the network when traffic is very light.

NOTE: Do not use the IPv4 loop back address (, or the IPv6 loop back address (::1) as the default gateway address for the NetBotz Rack Monitor 250. Doing so disables the appliance and requires you to reset TCP/IP settings to their defaults using a local serial login.

See the NetBotz Rack Monitor 250 downloads page for more information.

NetBotz Rack Monitor 250 support in StruxureWare Data Center Expert

Support for the NetBotz 250 appliance is included with Data Center Expert v7.4.1 and above. Contact support and verify you have a valid software support contract to receive the StruxureWare Data Center Expert update.

Supported sensors and pods

You can connect up to:

47 wireless sensors (48 including the Coordinator)

6 Sensor Pod 150s

8 Temperature or Temperature/Humidity Sensor with Digital Display (AP9520TH)

A total of 42 wired sensors on the Rack Monitor 250 and any connected Sensor Pod 150s

2 door handles of the same type (NBHN125 or NBHN1356 only), on Door Handle ports 1 and 2


The following options are available for the Rack Monitor 250.
For more information, contact your APC representative or the distributor from whom you purchased your APC product.
  • NetBotz Rack Sensor Pod 150 (NBPD0150)
  • Temperature/Humidity Sensor with Digital Display (AP9520TH)
  • Temperature Sensor (AP9335T)
  • Temperature/Humidity Sensor (AP9335TH)
  • Wireless Temperature Sensor (NBWS100T/NBWS100H)
  • USB Coordinator & Router (NBWC100U)
  • NetBotz 3.65-m (12-ft) Door Switch Sensor for APC Racks (NBES0303)
  • NetBotz 15.24-m (50-ft) Door Switch Sensor for Rooms or Third Party Racks (NBES0302)
  • NetBotz 125 kHz Handle Kit (NBHN125)
  • NetBotz 13.56 MHz Handle Kit (NBHN1356)
  • NetBotz Dry Contact Cable (NBES0304)
  • Alarm Beacon (AP9324)
  • NetBotz Vibration Sensor (NBES0306)
  • NetBotz Smoke Sensor (NBES0307)
  • NetBotz Spot Fluid Sensor (NBES0301)
  • Wiring Closet Ventilation Unit (ACF301)




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