The web client rack inventory allows you to see any part of the DCO data center infrastructure model you have been granted access to and drill down through locations and rooms to the rack inventory. You may have been granted with rights to view or edit all or parts of the rack inventory.

Infrastructure overview and drill down

Locations and rooms from the DCO desktop client are represented in the web client in a non-hierarchical structure, making it easy to click (or tap, if on a tablet) your way through locations, rooms, cages, and racks to a specific server or other asset in a rack.


The room layout provides an overview of the floor-mounted equipment in the room. You can switch between overlays to reveal relevant details on top of your equipment, such as power as graphs and numbers, and available u-space.

This information is also available as property tiles to the right of the layout. The information updates with relevant information for the selected equipment.

The audit trail reflects any changes to the selected room or equipment.

Zoom and overview Use the zoom and full screen options to get a better view of specific details or an overview of the full solution.
Open rack Double-click a rack to open it in the rack layout.


If you are using StruxureWare Data Center Operation for Colo, you can see the cages you have been granted access to in the room layout.

Glass Light blue
Mesh Dotted lines




The rack layout provides an overview of the rack-mounted equipment in the selected racks and enables you to edit your rack inventory.


Expand/collapse rack

Use the expand/collapse icon to toggle viewing a rack from the front only or from the front and rear at the same time, for example to see rear-mounted rack PDUs.

Open multiple racks

Click the + icon to open multiple racks at the same time, allowing you to compare or drag equipment between them.

If you open several racks, selecting zoom fit and full screen view will allow you to better see all racks at the same time.

Show sensors in rack If you want to see temperature sensor data displayed directly in the rack layout at the sensor's position, select to show sensors.  

Editing rack inventory

In the web client changes to the rack inventory happens immediately. You don't have to click to save your changes as in the desktop client. There's no undo either!

If you regret adding a piece of equipment, delete it; if you regret moving a piece of equipment, move it back, etc.

In case you accidentally make a quick move and didn't pay attention to where the equipment ended up, use the audit trail.

Adding equipment

  1. In the rack layout open the rack in which you want to position the new equipment.
  2. Click ADD EQUIPMENT to open the Equipment library.
  3. Find the equipment to add by searching the library.
  4. Drag it into the rack.

Moving equipment

  1. In the rack layout open both the source and target racks.
    1. Double-click to open the source rack.
    2. Click COMPARE above this rack to open a list of other racks in the room.
    3. Select the target rack from the list of racks.
  2. Drag the piece of equipment you want to move from the source rack into position in the target rack.

Deleting equipment

  1. Select the equipment you want to delete.
  2. Click Actions... in the information panel to the right of the layout, and select Delete.

Auditing rack inventory changes with the audit trail

The audit trail enables you to monitor rack inventory changes on-the-fly. It is available as a tile to the right of the rack layout. No need to generate a report. It updates immediately as you add, move, or delete equipment, or disconnect cables, etc.



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