StruxureWare Data Center Operation includes a built-in Genome Library and a customizable list of genomes to use in your data center infrastructure.


Genome Library

This is a read-only library of available products you can select from and add to the customizable list of genomes and use in your data center infrastructure, provided you have the necessary user rights. (Genome Library pane to the right in the image). The Genome Library database is extended with thousands of additional measured server power profiles, as well as storage and switch specifications. This continuously growing asset library enables StruxureWare Data Center Operation to determine power consumption without the aid of hardware sensors.

You can open the genome library and drag and drop equipment directly into your customizable list of genomes and rearrange products.


This is an editable list of selected products you can use in your data center infrastructure. (Genomes pane to the left in the image).

You can right-click to add, rename, or delete categories and to copy or delete products. Multiple users can apply changes to the genomes at the same time.

The Genomes pane lists all available equipment and allows you to add floor and rack-mountable equipment to a rack or any type of room. It has dynamic search functionality: As you start typing in the Search box, the list shows all equipment that contains the typed characters.

123 Steps to...

Creating the list of Genomes

Configure the list of genomes to contain the floor and rack-mountable equipment to add to the data center infrastructure.

Adding categories and products

  1. Select Planning>Data Center in the Application bar.
  2. Access the Genome Library through Tools>Open Genome Library or the Open Genome Library icon in the Toolbar.
  3. Drag and drop a product or category from the library to the Genomes pane (or right-click and select Add to Genomes).
    The products are placed in the same structure as in the library.
  4. If you need a new sub category, right-click a category in Genomes and select Add category.

Editing categories and products

  1. Right-click a category in Genomes to add, rename, or delete categories.
  2. Right-click a product to copy or delete products.
  3. Drag and drop products and categories if you want to restructure the list.

If a product does not exist in the Genome Library...

Customizing an existing product

You can use the generic components to configure a product that does not exist in the Genome Library.

For example, use the Generic Switch Enclosure and Generic Switch Module to configure a modular switch that does not exist in the Genome library yet or a Generic Rack to configure a non-standard size rack, such as half size.

To add a half size rack:

  1. Right-click a Generic rack type in Genomes.
  2. Select Properties and modify the size, name, etc.

Requesting support for a not yet supported product

You can use the device support request option available in the main menu bar, ADD MY DEVICE, to request support for any products in your data center that you cannot currently find in the Genome Library.

To send a device support request:

  1. In the main menu bar, select ADD MY DEVICE.
  2. Fill in the request form, adding details about the device, such as type, model, vendor.

To track progress on your pending requests:

  • Go to My device requests, available in the profile menu (your profile image in the top right corner).

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