Use the Reports tool, accessed by clicking Analytics>Reports in the Application bar, to generate report data for any server room's floor or rack-mountable equipment, or for the contents of store rooms.

At any time, you can generate reports from the application. The amount of available reports depends on your system setup, as some reports require specific module licenses.

In addition to the overview reports generated from Analytics>Reports in the Application bar, asset inventory and audit reports can also be generated for individual components and racks by right-clicking a component or rack in the layout, and selecting Asset Inventory or Asset Audit (the audit report is available if you have StruxureWare Data Center Operation: Change installed).

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Generating a reportYou can generate various reports based on standard or customized report designs.

  1. From the Application bar, select Analytics>Reports.
  2. In All Reports View pane, select a report type from Available Reports.
  3. Use the Report Filter Options to define the filter for what data to include in the report, for example:
    1. Select the time range that you want the report to cover.
    2. Select the rooms that you want to include information about in the report.
    3. Select one or more tags if you want the report to only include information for specified equipment in specified room(s).
      TIP: You do not need to select these options every time you generate a report. You can save the selected options as a filter and apply the filter the next time you need to generate a report with the same filter options.
  4. Select Generate Report.

    The generated report displays in the Report View. You can now use the Report View toolbar to navigate the report pages on the screen (arrow icons), or to print or export the report to a file in any of the available formats (Export icon, down arrow for selection of format). 

    Currently, csv and xls export is not supported for reports containing graphs.


When generating reports on various Linux distributions, you might experience issues. See compatibility with Linux-based operating systems for more information.

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