You can save the selected filter options as a template to generate reports with the same settings, for example, a monthly inventory report for a specific room.

Creating a report filter template

  1. In Available Reports, select a report type.
  2. In Report Filter Options, select the data that you want to include when you generate a report based on these settings.
  3. Click Save Filter As... in the top right corner of the options section.
    Some data is required for certain report types. If you try to save without this data, you will be prompted to select the required options.
  4. In the Save dialog box, type a name for the report filter template.

The saved report filter template now appears in the list of available reports as a sub type to the selected report type.

Applying a previously saved report template

  1. In Available Reports, click the + symbol next to the report type to expand the list and see the available report filter templates.
  2. Select the report filter template to apply.
    You can now see the filter settings of the selected template.
  3. Select Generate Report.

The generated report displays in the Report View. You can now use the Report View toolbar to navigate the report pages on the screen (arrow icons), or to print or export the report to a file in any of the available formats (Export icon, down arrow for selection of format).

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