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  1. Can Schneider correct a problem  with GNOME  for the "sun rack II Power Distribution Unit (RMII) (7078658 ) & (7078659)" GNOME using DCO version 8.2.7 ?

    PDU configuration is wrong - port to power phase relationship- should be single phase per PDU recxepticle. Several GNOME updates have not corrected the problem.

    Specifically, Power phases are Not split like many PDUS such as APC AP8865, Servertech LM30A - these balance 3 phases L1-L2/L2-l3/ L1-L3 on each CDU output recepticle. The sun rack has 3 phases, input but uses phases in a "Single-Phase PDU Metering Unit Module and Outlet Group Relationship" where phases are not shared on any given output port  there are 6 groups of  single phase recepticles, 2 groups for each phase.. Your GNOME for this PDU shows all ports as shared  similar to the AP 8865 (L1-L2/L2-l3/ L1-L3). 

    Please consult the Oracle document "Sun Rack II Power Distribution Units User's Guide"



    1. Dear Brian Muckian,

      Please ask your question on a special resource QUESTIONS. And then they will answer you faster and better (smile).

      With respect.