The Tenant Portal is made available to you by your colocation provider. As a tenant, you have access to the part of the colocation provider's data center infrastructure relevant to you. You'll be able to see your inventory and, depending on your configuration, additional features such as edit your inventory, monitor space, power, and cooling thresholds.

Rack level inventory management and audit trail

You can edit and track any changes to your rack inventory (add, move, edit, delete e.g. servers and rack PDUs) in the audit trail.

KPI insights

You can gain insight into power values (estimated and measured peak loads), environmental values (temperature and humidity sensors), physical values (available U-space).

Power and space properties are shown on top of equipment in the floor layout. In addition, property tiles are shown to the right of the layout for the selected room, cage, rack, or piece of equipment, e.g. power insight (estimated/measured power graphs).

You can also access KPI dashboards from the top menu, such as power history graphs.

Tenant level user management

Your colocation provider configures and makes the Tenant Portal available to you with the data relevant to you, according to your mutual agreement.

Depending on your size and setup, you may have the need for a user with administrator rights and additional users with less rights for editing or viewing only.

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