Use the Tenant Portal to share just what is relevant to each of your customers. Nothing more, nothing less.

As colocation provider with administration rights, you have access to more features and menu items than your customers. This adds to the inventory, billing, and capacity management functionality in the desktop client, allowing you to easily set up the Tenant Portal for your customers, and configure your branding towards your customers.

To onboard customers on the Tenant Portal first complete the initial configuration in the DCO desktop client to provide partial inventory access rights, then configure customer administration in the Tenant Portal

You can also keep the high-level overview of your data center for internal use, using the online lightweight access of the web client to some of the features in the DCO model without having to launch the desktop client. See the web client user assistance for general information about working with the web client inventory, dashboards, and administration options other than colo specific options, such as managing licenses, users, and your profile, including language settings.


Tenant Portal customer administration

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