These instructions apply to the OS user on the DCO server, i.e. the user used during the DCO server installation process, and not the DCO user on the desktop and web clients.

 To reset the user password on the DCO server:

1. Insert the DCO installation media (USB key, DVD, or out-of-band management (OOM) interface) and reboot the server and ensure the DCO installation media is booted up.

2. In the installation boot menu select Troubleshooting and then select Rescue a CentOS system.

3. In rescue mode you are presented with 4 options. Type 1 for 1) Continue and press <return>.

4. When you see Rescue Mount, press <return> and type chroot /mnt/sysimage.
5. To change the password type passwd <username> where <username> is the name of the user created during setup.
6. Type the new password.
Username is not allowed to be part of the password.
7. To exit chroot type: exit.

8. Reboot the server by typing reboot.

9. Remember to remove the DCO installation media.

Resetting password on DCO server

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