You can configure and monitor most DCO server management settings in the Webmin server management interface.

Some server settings are set during installation of DCO, such as language (DCO server locale). However, these settings and more can be changed at a later time by using SSH to connect to the DCO server.


Changing server settings no longer requires that you log in as root user (from DCO 8.0). You must now log in as the first OS admin user on the DCO server. This user is the administrator created during initial installation.

Accessing Webmin

The server management interface, Webmin, provides a web-based interface for server configuration. The latest version of Webmin available at the time of release is included with the Data Center Operation installation/upgrade.

  1. Open the Webmin web interface by selecting Administration>Webmin in the Data Center Operation web client.
    Alternatively, type the address of your Data Center Operation server in a Web browser folllowed by :10000, <https://>:10000 .  
  2. Log on to Webmin using the user credentials created during the Data Center Operation installation.
  3. Use the menu to the left to access server management features, such as
Browser related issues

If you are experiencing issues accessing Webmin, check the privacy and advanced settings of your browser. For example, in Internet Explorer 9:

  • Open Tools>Internet Options>Privacy and select to Accept All Cookies.
  • Open Tools>Internet Options>Advanced and make sure JavaScript is enabled.
  • If needed, contact your IT department for policies, etc. possibly preventing access.


There are known issues with Internet Explorer 9 and the ETL Integration Management page. If you experience issues creating staging databases, a possible workaround is to upgrade your browser.

For security reasons, it is recommended that you use the browser's settings such as deleting browser history on exit and that you don't use the browser options to remember credentials.


Webmin access

Using SSH to connect to the DCO server

You can access the Data Center Operation server and change server settings used for e.g. server localearchiving and rotating log files, and IT discoveries (ITOServer AccessIT Power Control). 

To do this, you must log on to the server with an SSH client, such as PuTTY (download here), and use the credentials of the first OS admin user on the Data Center Operation server created during initial installation of the Data Center Operation server.

If you skipped creating the first OS user as part of the installation process, you can use the root Webmin access to create the user at a later time: 

  1. Open the Webmin web interface. 
  2. In the left menu, select System>Users and Groups.
  3. Click Create a new user.
  4. In the Group Membership section, select wheel in the All groups column of Secondary groups and click the arrow to move it into the In groups column.


User with credentials to connect to the server through SSH

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