If you get a critical error message, search for the error message in the documentation and community. If you do not find instructions for solving this particular issue, you can ask a question in the community.

The log files can be helpful when troubleshooting why the error occurred. Collecting the files may take a few minutes.


  1. Take a screenshot of the application and error message.
  2. If the error occurred in the DCO desktop client, write down the installation details (version, build, and serial number). You can access this information in the application Help>About StruxureWare Data Center Operation.
  3. Write down (in steps) what you were doing before the message appeared.
  4. Download the relevant log files as described below.
  5. Post a question in the community or send this information to technical support, including:
    1. Error description
    2. Description of what you were doing when the message appeared
    3. Pasting relevant lines from the log files (Caution: Do not share confidential information in the community!) 
  6. If the community does not help you solve your issue, contact technical support. However, ensure you include the full log archive downloaded from Webmin for quicker, more efficient assistance.

Downloading server log files

You can collect server log files from the Webclient Download log Files Page (Administration > Download log Files).

Downloading desktop client log files

You can collect client log files from

  • The desktop client menu Help>Download client log files
  • The StruxureWare Data Center Operation installation folder, default location:
    • Windows: C:\Users\[Username]\.isxo\[Version]\Operations\application.log
    • OS X and Linux: ~/.isxo/[Version]/Operations/application.log

Downloading cluster log files

In a clustered environment, log on to one of the nodes and get the log files through Webmin as described here. You will get log files from both servers. 

Downloading Disaster Recovery log files

Note that if your setup includes a Disaster Recovery node, you must download the log files separately through the Webmin interface on that server.

Downloading ITO log files

ITO log files are included with the DCO server log files. Alternatively, you can download them separately from the ITO:

  1. In a browser, go to https://<ito-server-ip>:8090/.
  2. Logon as the server user.
    Don't remember the credentials?
  3. Select System settings.
  4. In the pop-up dialog box, Support tab, click Download...
  5. Save the support.zip file containing the console log files.

Downloading StruxureWare Data Center Operation: Lab log files



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