Enhancements to Maps

You can now improve the performance of the Data Center Expert client by modifying or disabling maps. You can configure whether devices and sensors are automatically placed on maps in the System > Server Administration Settings > Map Settings option or disable Map View if you are not using it.

NetBotz 750 appliance support

You can now configure settings that allow the cameras connected to NetBotz 750 appliances to be discovered. NetBotz 750 must be firmware version 5.2.x or greater. For complete instructions, see NetBotz 750 Appliance discovery in the Help Center.
Device configuration and rack access are not supported at this time.

Web client timeout

You can now select an option on the Home page to remain active to avoid being disconnected after 15 minutes of being idle.

Web client default refresh for gadgets

To improve performance, the default refresh rate for gadgets is now 5 minutes instead of 30 seconds. This affects newly created gadgets only.


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