What's New in StruxureWare Data Center Expert 7.2.x

Learn more about the new features available in the StruxureWare Data Center Expert 7.4.x releases.

StruxureOn Digital Service

StruxureOn sends live data directly to your smart phone for maximum protection of your critical equipment. Get data-driven insights, smart alarming, and remote troubleshooting from the experts monitoring your connected assets 24/7.

For more information, click Help with StruxureOn in the Data Center Expert StruxureOn > Registration option, or go to struxureon.com.

NoteFile transfer using SCP may be unsuccessful on some NMC v6.x devices. For best results, set the protocol to FTP Only in the "Device File Transfer Settings" display.



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  1. Having trouble configuring (receiving) private IP (LAN2) During initial setup of DCE Virtual Server. This is where all our equipment lives. 

    1. Hi Jeff James,

      Can you describe your problem in more detail and give a few screenshots? And then, perhaps, you will help faster and better (smile).

      With respect.

      P.S.: if you want real help in solving the problem, I highly recommend creating a corresponding topic on COMMUNITY (unless of course there is no solution to your problem: the content search service works fine on DCIM Support).