Table-format reports

This report format provides data for up to 1026 sensors, in the form of table that lists all the device sensors included in a report.

You create a table-format Sensor History Report by selecting the Table report format in the "Report Criteria" display.

You can access a table-format report view of a previously generated report:

  • Select the Edit Report Criteria icon in the report view, and the Table report format.
  • Select the Edit Report Criteria right-click option in Saved Reports in the Reports perspective, and the Table report format.


You can click the Table Data icon or select the Open Table Data option in a graph-format Sensor History Report to view data as a table. See "Sensor Table Data" display.

The number of sensors covered in the report, total number of data points, and the time frame are identified at the top of each table. You can use the search feature, table columns, and button icons, to do the following:
  • Type text in the Search field to locate a specific device or sensor in the report, or to narrow the list to a particular set of device sensor entries.
  • Click a column title to sort the list in ascending or descending order based on that column's information.
  • Edit the date range, report format, or sensors for a selected report using the "Report Criteria" display (Edit Report Criteria icon).
  • Edit the report name or export properties using the "Name and Schedule Data Export" display (Edit Report Criteria option or icon).
  • Name a report and save it in the Saved Reports section of the Available Reports view (Save icon).
  • Select the columns, and the order in which they appear in the table, and choose whether or not to highlight alarming sensors in the table (Edit Report Options icon).
  • Save sensor table data as a *.csv (the default selection) or *.txt file (Save Report Data and chevron icons).


    You must use the chevron icon to select the *.txt format.

  • Browse through a multiple-page report (Go to arrow icons, and a box that identifies the page number).
DeviceThe device label.
Parent Device<hostname> (StruxureWare Data Center Expert) for SNMP and Modbus devices, or the IP address or hostname of a NetBotz Appliance for devices monitored by that appliance.
SensorThe sensor name.
LocationThe location of the sensor, if known.
TimeThe date and time of the most recent sensor value change.
ValueThe value measured at the identified date and time.
UnitThe unit of measurement for numeric sensors, only.
StatusThe sensor status: Alarm (when a Warning, Error, Critical, or Failure condition exists), or no text (when no alarm condition exists).


Sensor status is reported only for sensors that have been configured at the StruxureWare Data Center Expert server, for SNMP and Modbus devices the server monitors directly, or at the NetBotz Appliances, for devices monitored by those appliances, using Alert Thresholds, the NetBotz Appliance Configuration > Alert Settings options in the Device menu.

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