Graph-format reports

This report format provides data, in the form of a graph and device sensor list, for up to 1026 device sensors.


You can access a graph-format report view by clicking Generate Report in the Reports perspective, and choosing Graph as the report format (the default), or by selecting a report in the Saved Reports view.

The name (*Sensor History Report, for an unsaved report) is identified on the tab for each report; the sensor type and time frame is identified at the top of each report.

You can select the Trend Line button icon to display a linear trend line when all numeric sensors included in the graph-format report use the same unit of measure. Trend lines are calculated using a linear regression model and the ordinary least squares estimation method. All the available data returned by the StruxureWare Data Center Expert server for the sensors selected, and the time range specified for the report, are considered in the model. The data are extended for twice the specified time range to create the trend line. For example, in a report with a time range of seven days, the linear regression is calculated over fourteen days: seven days of actual data, and seven days of prediction.

You can use the device sensor list columns, right-click menu, and button icons, to do the following:

  • Click a column title to sort the list in ascending or descending order based on that column's information.
  • Edit the date range, report format, or sensors for a selected report using the "Report Criteria" display (Edit Report Criteria option or icon).
  • Edit the report name or export properties using the "Name and Schedule Data Export" display (Edit Report Criteria option or icon).
  • Save a copy of the report as a *.bmp (the default selection), *.jpg, or *.png file (Export Graph icon).
  • Access the "Set Refresh Rate" display used to control how often an open graph will refresh automatically, if at all (Refresh icon).


    The refresh settings are client-specific, and have no affect on the refresh settings used by other StruxureWare Data Center Expert clients.

  • Display a linear trend line for twice the time period as the data, on numeric sensors only, when all numeric sensors included in the graph use the same unit of measure (Trend Line icon).
  • Highlight the point for which data is displayed when you move the cursor over the graph (Marker icon).
  • Click and drag the graph to view a specific area (Pan icon).
  • View a summary-format version of a selected report (Summary Data icon or Open Summary Data option).
  • View a table-format version of a selected report (Table Data icon or Open Table Data option).
  • Name a report and save it in the Saved Reports section of the Available Reports view (Save icon).
  • View the graph in more or less detail (Zoom In or Zoom Out option and icon).


    You can click and drag the cursor to select a portion of the graph to view in more detail.

  • Reset the graph back to its original position (Reset Graph Position option).

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