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End of Life Policy Overview

Schneider Electric is committed to delivering the most innovative and cost-effective products to our customers; therefore, Schneider Electric will periodically choose to discontinue products. The decision to discontinue a product may be taken for a variety of reasons:

  • New and improved feature sets
  • Market or customer changes
  • Technological innovations
  • Low customer demand for the product 

This publicly-available, End of Life Policy for software and firmware will help customers and OEM partners to better manage their product end-of-life transitions and to understand the role that Schneider Electric can play in helping to migrate to alternative Schneider Electric products.


Software Versioning: A three-digit number in X.Y.Z format where each letter represents a particular version type. The letter X is considered a “platform” version. The letter Y is considered a major version. The letter Z is considered a minor version.

End of Life Process: A process that guides the final business operations associated with the product life cycle. The End of Life Process consists of a series of technical and business milestones and activities that, once completed, make a product obsolete. Once obsolete, the product is not sold, manufactured, improved, repaired, maintained, or supported. 

End of Version:  The date on which Schneider Electric no longer licenses a specific version of a Schneider Electric software product, but continues to license new versions of the Schneider Electric software product for sale. 

End of Life:  The date on which Schneider Electric ceases to provide software maintenance, installation and configuration assistance, and other support services for the specified product version.  Current patches for the version of the Schneider Electric software reaching End of Life will remain available for electronic download for a reasonable period of time until which time Schneider Electric decides otherwise.

End of Life Policy Guidelines

This policy is intended as a "guideline" as Schneider Electric reserves the right to treat each product line independently, or agree to new or different terms with individual parties. Schneider Electric also reserves the right to change this policy at any time without notice. The general policy guidelines are as follows:

  1. Schneider Electric will provide 90 days, or otherwise reasonable notice of the affected product's End of Version date. This notice will appear on the Schneider Electric web site (http://sxwhelpcenter.ecostruxureit.com) and we encourage you to visit this site regularly as it contains useful information regarding Schneider Electric’s End of Life program.
  2. For software versions, support is available on the current platform and major version and the previous two major versions. Schneider Electric will provide issue resolutions in the latest versions of software. These issues will be resolved at Schneider Electric’s discretion, however generally are based on criticality. Customers must upgrade to the latest version of software to obtain resolution to issues contained therein. All minor versions associated with major versions will also be supported. A minor version will be made available to resolve specific issues, and must be applied to resolve these issues. In this way, Schneider Electric support is able to assist all customers with an understanding of what software components have changed on a version-by-version basis. As an example with a current major version of 8.0.0 and previous major versions of 7.5.x and 7.4.x all of which are supported. All officially released versions will be numbered.
  3. For those software products that DO require the purchase of a Support Contract, to be eligible for support, a customer must have a current and continuous support contract in place. Provided this is in place we will provide issue resolution and enhancements to the software as determined by Schneider Electric. This may require a customer to upgrade more than one version to be eligible for the latest version.
  4. For software and firmware management products that DO NOT require the purchase of a Support Contract, support will be available for a period of one year from the date of purchase through the Schneider Electric Technical Support Center.
  5. End of Life determinations will be made on a product-by-product basis at the sole discretion of Schneider Electric with reasonable notice given to the customer. This notice will appear on the Schneider Electric web site (http://sxwhelpcenter.ecostruxureit.com) and we encourage you to visit this site regularly as it contains useful information regarding Schneider Electric’s End of Life program. Custom support contracts are available to customers on a case-by-case basis.


Revision date: June 2015

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