For the portal to run, the portal service must be running on the computer hosting the portal.
If the portal service did not start, you can start it manually (Windows instructions).

  1. Browse to the location of the portal installation, default: C:\Program Files\StruxureWare Portal\tomcat-<versionnumber>\bin.
  2. Run the startup.bat file to start the service.

Check Portal status

On Windows, navigate to 

On Unix, use shell commands

PostgreSQL Services

To start or stop PostgreSQL services:

On Windows, navigate to Windows Administrative Tools -> Services -> postgresql-x64-9.1, right-click and select Stop or Start.

Alternatively, use the control panel and Services -> postgresql-x64-9.1, right-click and select Stop or Start.

On Unix, use shell commands:



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  1. Hello, unable to connect to portal using IP:8080. An HTTP Status 500 error appears. Trying to restart services, service PostgreSQL does not exist. I have used on a Redhat 6.7 linux


    1. Hello Oscar,

      Which version of DCO are you running? 

      • If you're running DCO 7.5, you should use an older version of Portal (as 1.3.4 is not compatible with versions prior to 8.0.1).
      • If you're running DCO 8.0.1, you should use https instead of http and connect to the server IP/hostname.

      Hope this helps, Pernille

  2. We are not running DCO. We have just installed DCE and StruxureWare Portal. We will install DCO on next phase


    1. I moved your issue to the community to increase your chance of a quick reply: Unable to connect to StruxureWare Portal.

      Hope this helps, Pernille