Installing the StruxureWare Portal

Installation of the portal server is supported on Linux and Windows.

Installing a new StruxureWare Portal on a Linux/Redhat machine

  1. Download the to e.g. the Downloads folder.
  2. Unzip the installer zip file using the command: unzip
    The zip file will be unzipped in the Struxureware Portal folder in the current location.
  3. Switch to the Struxureware Portal folder using the command: cd StruxurewarePortal
  4. Give write permissions to the installation using this command: sudo chmod +x
  5. Run the installer command: sudo ./ installPostgres noupgrade start
  6. When the "Server is started" message displays, launch the portal using ServerIP:8080 or localhost:8080 (if launching on the same system).

Installing a new StruxureWare Portal on a Windows machine

  1. Download the latest StruxureWare Portal installer file for Windows.
  2. Double-click the exe file to run the installer and follow the wizard to install the Struxureware Portal to a location of your choice (default C:\Program Files).
    The exe file will install Struxureware Portal and Postgres.
  3. Wait for at least 10 minutes after installation and launch the Struxureware Portal application in any browser.
  4. To launch the browser on the same system use “localhost:8080”, to launch the browser on another system use the Windows system IP for the machine on which the StruxureWare Portal is installed followed by port 8080, e.g.

Configuring the initial setup of the StruxureWare Portal

  1. Open the StruxureWare Portal and sign in.
    • Open the link on the last page of the installation wizard.
    • Or, in a Web browser, type the IP address of the server on which you installed the StruxureWare Portal using port 8080: http://PortalServerIP:8080.
  2. Follow the instructions on the Welcome page, starting by signing in with the default user test and password test.

The portal shows built-in instructions on the pages as you configure the setup. For further tips on configuring the portal, see Configuring StruxureWare Portal.



There is no supported password reset option in StruxureWare Portal.

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  1. Note: StruxureWare Portal may not function with an updated Java version, so you might need to uninstall Java first, and then install Portal with its shipped java 1.7.