DCIM Asset Management Overview

The DCIM Asset Management web site allows you to manage your StruxureWare Data Center Expert, StruxureWare Operation, and NetBotz hardware and software assets online. The DCIM Asset Management web site replaces NetBotz.com.

To access the DCIM Asset Management web site, you launch a browser to http://dcimassets.schneider-electric.com

New users click the link on the login page to register and create an account. The company name, a valid e-mail address, and a password between 6 and 50 characters are required. The user creating the account is logged in to the site as the Administrator once registration is complete.

NetBotz.com users are redirected to the DCIM Asset Management web site, and can login with their existing credentials.

After three unsuccessful login attempts, the user interface is locked for fifteen minutes. You can click the Forgot Password button on the login page and enter your e-mail address to receive instructions on how to reset your password, or contact support to reset your account, if necessary.

About the site

The site is divided into three tabs: Home, User Management, and Preferences.

The Home tab provides access to create groups and sub-groups to manage your assets. You can then register your hardware and software assets. If you have purchased new entitlements for registered assets, such as module, node, or rack licenses, extended hardware warranties, and software support contracts, you can apply the passcodes for those entitlements.

You can select an asset to check for software updates and download the latest software revisions for which you are eligible.

NoteAccess to options on the Home tab depends on your user role and group permissions

The User Management tab provides access to create users and define group permissions for those users. User roles are Administrator, User, and Read Only. Group permissions are Visible, Manage Groups and Sub-groups, and Manage Products.

NoteThe User Management tab is visible to Administrator users only.

The Preferences tab provides access to change your e-mail address and password and define display options.

A Search option allows you to locate assets by MAC address, label, or type.

An Export option allows you to export data for active assets to a .csv file. You can choose to include additional data for deactivated assets.

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  1. Unknown User (direccion.servicios)


    I have a problem with one license key (struxureWareDCExpert VM TRIAL SOFTWARE- ), because I buy the part number AP94VMACT but in the new plataform (https: / /dcimassets.schneider-electric.com) is the AP94VMTRL. The serial number that was put had problems in the writing. The license key was generate but this did not work. In this case, what i can do?, please.

  2. Hi Leonardo,


    I'm not 100% sure I understand what you're issue is. If you put the wrong serial number and / or mac address when registering the AP94VMTRL, you'll need to contact your local support and provide them with the old information so it can be removed from the system. It looks like you also registered an AP94VMACT incorrectly and if that's the case, again you'll need to contact your local support as we can't pass that information back and forth through the forums. The passcode will need to be reset if it has been redeemed against the wrong asset. 

    The correct procedure for redeeming the passcode for the AP94VMACT is to set up the VM trial software. Get the mac address and serial number from the client software and register that as AP94VMTRL. Then you redeem a passcode against that asset and that license should install into the trial.


    Thank you,


  3. Unknown User (direccion.servicios)

    Hi Steven,

    The problem was resolved and all packages installed in the VM. 

    Thank you for your answer,