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Blog from November, 2018

The Data Center Operation 8.2.12 release contains a critical security update for the ZipSlip vulnerability. It is recommended that all customers update to this version as soon as possible.

For more information, see StruxureWare Data Center Operation Software Vulnerability Fixes.

New in 8.2.12

Change Requests. This new functionality enables users to request changes to the data center through custom build change request forms called Change Request Templates.

  • Change request templates. Change request templates are managed by Administrators (users with the permission "Planning Work Orders") to prepare a Request Form in the DCO web client. The Request Form can then be filled in by users to request changes in the data center.
  • Change Requests. A change request can be created by all non-tenant users in DCO based on the templates created by an Administrator (a user with permission "Planning Work Orders") in the DCO web client: Change Management > Change Requests.

Barcode field lock feature. When asset data is imported via ETL, you can configure the option to lock the barcode, serial number, and name fields to avoid accidental changes of those names in the DCO interface.

Improvements to reports.
The U-space report has been updated to include full-depth U-space. Free front, rear, and full depth U-space is now included in the report.
The Forecast report now includes the power capacity for planned changes in a room based on work orders.

Server management options moved from Webmin to the web client.

  • The management of backup and restore have been moved to the new Backup and Restore page in the web client.
  • Server log files can now be downloaded from the Download Server Log files page in the web client.
  • ETL and Power Monitoring Expert integrations can now be configured from the web client.


New versions of ITO installer are available that updates the Intel DCM component to version 4.2. Going forward only 64 bit versions of ITO are available.

See What is new in StruxureWare Data Center Operation 8.x for more information.